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Artedite Healing

Artedite Healing is a Reiki practice and school in Amsterdam Zuid. The name of the practice comes from goddesses Artemis (Goddess of the Moon, sisterhood and going after what you really want) and Aphrodite (Goddess of Love, Passion and Beauty) and it is the heart creation of Justine. In Artedite Healing she combines sister healing, through circles, Goddess work, and ancient shamanic rites, and Reiki and energy work.

Justine was trained in Australia and has spent the last 7 years practicing Reiki all over the world. She has a passion for laughing, playing and learning. She is very sensitive and uses this as tool to make the Reiki treatment as effective as possible, by tuning into the receiver’s or student’s individual needs and giving loving and playful attention to this. Holding the space for you to dive into your own soul, guiding the way through the dark, and walking alongside you towards your inner light.

For Artedite Healing Reiki is a beautiful and empowering way to bring the receivers back in contact with themselves and this way ensuring they are able to build up towards being a healthy and energetic whole. 

For Justine herself Reiki has made the difference between dark (depression and burn out) and light (self love and radiant happiness) and this is what she wants to inspire in her clients and students.

Sessions and courses can be done in English, Dutch or Spanish.