Reiki and Responsibility

Did you know that in ancient China medicine men were only paid if their client was healthy? If you think that wouldn’t ever work, then think again. It worked because they valued health so much. Your health is one of the most valuable things you possess and we are very much responsible for this. Back then and there people understood that sometimes this meant changing their diet, adding plant medicine, or changing an entire lifestyle. It required them to be active patients, in charge of their own healing, guided by these medicine men.

How does Reiki work with this? All Reiki healer learn certain guidelines. We are encouraged to live by them, implement them into our lives and pass them on to clients who could benefit from them.  These guidelines are all about taking the responsibility for our inner and outer health for what is within is out, and vice versa.  We are taught to understand that our health, happiness and healing are very much within our own hands. Literally. Because Reiki is a technique we can use on ourselves very easily. It makes us aware of what needs to be healed (step by step), and gives us tools and energy to heal.



Sometimes this means combining Reiki with other techniques, daily practices such as meditation, yoga, breathing techniques. Or adding certain herbal supplements, or uprooting your diet. We are all responsible for our own health and capable of building our own harmony that works for the unique being that you are! Thanks to Reiki I can always always take charge of it and help clients and students do the same!