Living from the heart

Let me start by asking you a question? Do you make your decisions from your heart or from your brain? Who gets to decide? Most of us will probably answer that we prefer to really think about our decisions and make a rational choice, based on good thinking. Our brain has been heralded as the big thinker and decision maker, but did you know that your heart is just as capable of thinking?

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they’d get to work together? The past months for me have been dedicated to opening my heart. What I have discovered is that if I do do this and dare to let my heart guide me, life starts flowing, and I start flowing with it. Our heart feels what is good for us (shockers there, I know). It feels what suits you and what drives you. It gives the motivation that we need to be energized in daily life. Our mind is capable of rational thinking and planning! So let’s just paint a picture where they work together: in this ideal picture you have a decision to make. Something is bothering you, not feeling right (gut feeling? Thinking with the gut is a whole other topic that I’d love to get into another time).  You go into your heart. Close your eyes. Breath in and out until you feel completely relaxed. Bring a picture into your awareness that makes you ecstatically happy. This can be something you have seen or done, or just something that even the thought of makes you tingle all over. Keep this picture there until you feel your skin vibrating. Then ask you heart what it wants to do. It will most likely give you an answer straightaway. The first answer is always the right one. Anything that comes after is your ego doubting or fearing this desire. Take this wish to your mind and there you can make these wishes come true! Take steps towards creating this thing that your heart so obviously wants. And guess what… It will work for you! You’ll feel amazing doing this thing, because it is the thing that suits you on a soul level. If you allow your heart to guide you, you will discover that life will start flowing for you. Surf on the waves!

Why is this so scary for most? If we do open our hearts, there is also a chance of getting hurt, or feeling old hurts. It might force us to take hard actions that scare the living hell out of us. Believe me, living from the heart does not mean life is always about rainbows and butterflies and unicorns. But it is about doing what is right for me and accepting myself on a soul level. I’ve had to make difficult decisions, had to move through years of old hurt. But through moving through all that, I was able to come out on the other side stronger and happier than ever! I let my heart guide me and it brings me to the life that is perfect for me. Now most days I am filled with joy and peace. Sure, not everything has been easy and I know not everything will be easier, but even going through those difficult decisions is better than working against the flow of life and against my heart, for when you are happy about yourself and proud of who you are, life can throw anything at you and it will be a thousand times better than those days when you ignored your heart’s desire.

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