How long does a treatment take?

This depends. I offer treatments of 30 minutes to 120 minutes. The length of the treatment depends on what you like the treatment for. 60 minutes is a good minimum to get healing started, for follow up sessions 30 minutes are wonderful.

How does Reiki work?

There is life energy all around you and it makes up everything. Reiki works with this energy. You can visualize it like radio waves. They are around us, but we cannot sense them. If we have a radio that is tuned into the right station, it suddenly turns into something we can hear. The same with Reiki. The healer is tuned into the energy and able to transform it into something we can sense and something that can be directed into the receiver. There in the body it charges you, gets your own energy moving and this way activates your own healing mechanism. So it is not something external that Reiki works with, it is the same energy that is familiar to your own body, just directed in a healing way. 

For the receiving person this energy works instantly as a pain killer and on a deeper level it connects your body as a whole (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) and that way helps you heal from the root up.

Will Reiki heal me?

Reiki definitely has the power to heal you. It restores the inner balance that is needed for you to flourish and grow. Depending on the severity of the issue at hand, you’ll need more treatments. It is also possible to use Reiki in cooperation with other types of treatment.
Every person and every issue has its own needs, so sometimes you’ll need to create a cocktail of therapies (for example for tension in the neck you can go to a chiropractor to realign your spine and consequently have a Reiki treatment to help you heal fully and quickly and to eliminate the cause of your neck tension). Reiki is wonderful to combine with other methods and can be used in any healing cocktail.

What will I experience during
a treatment?

At the start you might experience warmth or tingling sensations. Some people will feel waves of energy going up and down the body or will see colors. For most receiving a Reiki treatment brings about a state of deep relaxation and even deep sleep if the treatment continues a bit longer.

How will I feel afterwards?

Immediately after you may experience a somewhat “high” sensation. You might notice a decrease of discomfort. The days after you may feel recharged, revitalized and with much more clarity, stability and focus. For many people the days after the treatment are when you notice the most intense benefits, which will then calmly have the chance to integrate into yourself.

Do I need to believe anything to make it work?

No. The only thing you need to do is just close your eyes and relax. The energy flows no matter what you believe.

What will you do/How does a treatment go?

We start the session with an intake. During this conversation we determine the purpose of your time with me. Then I start the treatment itself with a body scan. There I read your energy body to see if there is anything that already jumps out and that I need to spend some extra time with. Depending on the kind of session you like I either just give you the Reiki treatment, or will read your energy body during the treatment. If you choose a treatment with energy reading, you will still receive a lot of Reiki, but during the treatment I will open myself up to what messages there are in your body and will look at what steps you need to take to fully continue your healing process after you leave my practice. 

After the treatment, if you just booked a Reiki treatment, I will let you know what I did for you and what your most important message was. If you book a deep energy reading with it, we will have a longer discussion afterwards where we look at all your body was telling me and how to implement this at home.

You are fully dressed during these treatments and will be laying down for the Reiki part. I will use a combination of floating and laying on of the hands. But the entire time I will be sending energy into your body.

Are there any contra-indications or side effects?

There are no side effects as you know them. Side effects are undesired reactions to what should be a cure and this is not something that happens when given a Reiki treatment, as it works with energy that is already familiar to your body. 

With Reiki treatments it is possible to have what is known as a healing reaction. This means something (this could be an emotional issue or physical discomfort) is pushed to the surface, to make itself known as something that has been standing in the way of your growth and healing.

Can I receive Reiki when I am pregnant?

Yes you can! It can actually help alleviate a lot of discomfort that is known to happen during pregnancy. Apart from that it can bring a lot of relaxation and take away stress or anxiety that might occur during those months.

What do you do during an energy reading?

If you choose a treatment with energy reading, you will still receive a lot of Reiki, but during the treatment I will open myself up to what messages there are in your body and will look at what steps you need to take to fully continue your healing process after you leave my practice. Your body holds all the wisdom you need to grow and heal and I merely tune into this information and help you get clearer about what is holding you back at the moment and what steps your body would like you to take.

Is it spiritual or religious?

While Reiki may be spiritual in nature, the application of Reiki is in fact very practical and down to earth. It works for everyone no matter what your belief system is.

What language are the sessions and courses in?

Courses will be either in Dutch or English, depending on the students attending. Sessions can be done in Dutch, English or Spanish.


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.