Embracing the Divine Feminine

A Goddess Journey

“Ancient Feminine Wisdom once hidden and silenced has awakened and is now ready to rise” - Rebecca Campbell

“Ancient Feminine Wisdom once hidden and silenced has awakened and is now ready to rise” - Rebecca Campbell


The Goddess is calling you home! It is time to shine your light, my beautiful sisters. With moon magic, sister circles, sacred rituals we will journey to awaken our divine feminine!

During 8 moon cycles we will journey with 8 goddesses, learning their lessons and embodying their abilities. Together with your sisters there will be transformation, growth and rebirth. Are you ready to embrace all that you are? Your light and shadows, wounds and strengths, wisdom and glory? Join us on this sacred soul discovery.

As women we need this connection with other women to heal old parts of us. For generations women have been isolated, turned against each other, but not now. Now it is time to heal generation old wounds and through the amazing medicine that is found in sisterhood, claim your own power. In this journey we will not only find that, but learn deeper truths about our own psyche, helping us to find our unique gifts, create healthy boundaries, and shine our light unapologetically.

Sister circles surrounding 8 goddesses, guiding us and teaching us. With moon magic, plant magic, energy work, sacred rituals and sister medicine you will learn more about your own soul and how to embody all the divine feminine that you are. Supported and celebrated in circle with your sisters, you'll step into a new fase of your life!

In between the in person circles held in Amsterdam we will be able to support each other in this transformation and rebirth in a private group on Facebook. You'll receive exercises, visualisations and sacred rituals that will help embody the goddess we are working with that moon. By allowing yourself to step into this journey, you are choosing for a bigger you to emerge. Activating every hidden gem from your DNA.

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When women gather in circles with one another, the world heals a little bit more

When women gather in circles with one another, the world heals a little bit more

Where and when?

Wednesday August 28 Opening Ceremony in Amsterdam
Start the transformation - Butterfly Maiden

Wednesday September 25 - Circle in Amsterdam
Creating Sacred Space - Nemetona

Wednesday October 23 - Circle in Amsterdam
Stepping outside - Cordelia

Wednesday November 20 - Circle in Amsterdam
Embracing inner wisdom - Athena

Wednesday December 18 - Circle in Amsterdam
Creating miracles - Mother Mary

Wednesday January 15 - Circle in Amsterdam
Releasing worries - Lakshmi

Wednesday February 12 - Circle in Amsterdam
Embracing the past - Isis

Saturday-Sunday March 21-22 - Celebrational weekend in the Achterhoek
Rebirth and fertility - Ostara - Closing Circle

Wednesday April 8 - Closing Circle in Amsterdam
Honoring your transformation


Your Guide
On this journey you will be guided by Justine, healer, mentor, sacred womb keeper and mother. For many years she has worked with the goddesses and how they are represented in us all. She has a passion for laughing, playing and learning. As divine channel and energy healer she will make this journey as potent as divinely possible, activating the space to embrace your divine feminine.
Aside from goddess work, she is a Reiki Master, facilitates Womb Healing ceremonies dances through life, the messy bits and times of sunshine alike. She believes that all wounds hold the potential for growth and that by tuning into our sorrow, we can discover where our gifts to the world and ourselves lie.

The energy exchange for this sacred soul journey is €452. This includes accommodation and food during both weekends
(see http://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.com/2011/09/angel-number-452.html for the meaning of this number).

Contact me for more information or sign up here

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