Reiki, Artedite Healing


Reiki is healing technique that makes use of universal life force energy and directs it into the body of a receiver, where it starts moving its own energy and this way activates the receiver’s own healing ability. It is a very gentle and non-invasive, yet powerful and extremely effective modality. Reiki is so amazing because:

  • It brings pain relief while at the same time healing the issue from the root up.
  • It is effective for all ailments, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual
  • It works with the body’s own ability to heal
  • It restores balance, promotes deep relaxation and greatly reduces stress.

Over the past few years the attention given to Reiki as healing method has increased greatly, and rightfully so. As it works with the person as a whole, it is possible to realize very deep healing. While the focus has been mainly on the use of Reiki for stress and anxiety relief, the application of it is much broader.

So if ever you are facing something and find yourself wondering: “Would Reiki be helpful here?” The answer is always: “Yes!”


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