Reiki 1 course, Artedite Healing

Reiki I course

Are you looking for ways to give yourself more love and attention? Tools you can use to overcome obstacles and energy dips? Or are you wanting to learn something to help heal yourself and your loved ones?

Then take a chance on yourself and learn one of the most simple, gentle and effective techniques to promote your health and well-being: Reiki! Check the agenda for the next possible dates.

On this course you will learn all about where, why and how to use Reiki on others and yourself, you will get an introduction into chakras and you'll receive the attunements, opening you up as a divine clear channel for life force energy, after which you'll be able to use Reiki anywhere and anytime. You will leave the course completely confident of yourself as a Reiki healer! And best part: it isn't something you can only apply to others, you can use it on yourself too! You essentially learn how to be your own healer.

The class has a maximum of 4 students. Because it is such a small class, there is lots of space for personal coaching and attention for you as a Reiki healer.

As a teacher (and healer) my main goal is to help you become a healthier and more vibrant person, taking full responsibility of your own health and happiness. In my practice I help you increase your joy in life (I won't be fully satisfied until you dance through life with giddiness and excitement), and overall health and wellbeing.

The fee for the course is €150. Included in this:

  • two attunements

  • personal guidance in the start of your journey as a Reiki healer

  • snacks and refreshments

  • 21 days of follow up in your mailbox

  • Reiki I certificate

  • study material before and during the course

Why would you benefit from learning Reiki?

  • it is a powerful tool to help you be(come) stronger

  • it speeds up any healing process

  • it helps relieve stress

  • it brings more joy and diminishes the feeling of being allergic to daily life

  • it helps you get in touch with yourself and is very effective in increasing self knowledge and awareness

  • it helps promote overall health and well-being

  • brings balance to your life

  • I could go on!

Reiki 1 course, Artedite Healing


“I loved the Reiki 1 course and l can't wait to do the next ones! I also try to attend the shares in the evening as often as l can because l get so much energy and clarity every time. It also helps that Justine is a great teacher who is really passionate about what she is teaching. l highly recommend!”

Does this sound like something you need in your life? Then I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you on your way in your journey towards health and happiness.

If you prefer to do this course by yourself, let me know and we will look at the possibilities for you. Benefits of individual course are that we can really personalize the content and time. The private Reiki I course is €222

If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please contact me.