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Deep dive into your healer abilities

In this 1:1 6-month Training Program you will become a Master of Reiki, but also of your own healing process. Take responsibility of your healing and happiness.

Reiki master

This intensive training program takes you along all Reiki has to offer.  You can take this course in Amsterdam, but also from the comfort of your own home, wherever this may be. We will refresh your old techniques, learn new techniques but above all take you on your own healing journey and transform your life. If you already know this is for you, please contact me.


The design of this journey

  • 1 week of deciding on personal goals, for you as an individual and healer

  • 2 weeks of designing personal course

  • 7x 3 weeks of personal chakra healing. Using the chakras for deep understanding of energy work, but also of your own lessons.

  • 1 week evaluation

  • 1:1 sessions every 3 weeks

  • weekly emails with information, exercises and encouragement

  • personal guidance whenever you need it. I am here for you!

This Master Training Program is an investment of €888



Transform your life and become a Reiki Master

Contact me for information or to sign up