Total Transformation Trajectory, Artedite Healing

Total Transformation Trajectory

After one session you will often have gained a lot more clarity in how to continue on your life path, but it can be hard to keep the momentum and continue doing this work. This is why I offer this Total Transformation Trajectory. It allows you to keep momentum and we will work with your personal growth from week to week.

In this Trajectory I will help you gain the tools you need to generate deep personal healing and growth.

So are you feeling stuck? Burned out? Running around in the same circle? Or just feel like you are surrounded by a deep mist and can't find your way out? Then take a chance on yourself and join me on this self boosting adventure!

The trajectory takes about 15 weeks and you will receive:

  • A super power tarot reading at the start. This will help give us focus for the 14 weeks. With this in mind we will decide on what magic transformation we are going to make happen for you in this time.

  •  7 2-hour sessions (which is intake, 60-75 minutes of Reiki and then evaluation, where we decide on your “homework”). These sessions would be 1 every 2-3 weeks. If we do end up taking 3 weeks in between the total time of the trajectory will of course be a bit longer. The aim is to meet every two weeks, to make sure we keep the momentum.

  •  “Homework”. This is what you’ll do at home. It is possible that you’ll be doing certain visualizations or meditations, which I will record for you in that case, so you’ll be able to listen to it at home.
  •  I will record all our evaluations conversations (which I will send in a soundcloud link to you, in case you want to listen back to it) and will make a written report of: the reading, every session, your exercises, and your progress. You’ll receive this at the end of this journey, so you’ll really be able to see your progress! And go back to certain exercises if you ever need to.

The price of this package is €599.

Bonus: clients who embark on this soul journey with me will also receive a 20% discount on a Reiki course with me.

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